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The Turkish government is threatening the Syrian government with military force after Syrian forces shot down a Turkish F-4 Phantom that was flying in Syrian airspace.

Now, some are saying that this is clearly an aggressive move by the Turks and the Syrians are obviously in the right when it comes to sovereignty, but that’s exactly how they want it. After all, Turkey’s been building F-16s since the 80s; and with the third largest air fleet in NATO, what need have they for Vietnam-era F-4s?

Seems like a textbook USS Maine incident. After all, NATO’s been hands-off with Syria despite the horribly violent repression of late, and one would imagine that the government should be legitimate in order to claim sovereignty. Now, obviously, technically speaking it shouldn’t be up to one’s neighbors to determine the value of one’s legitimacy, but considering the absolute clusterfuck that’s going on, this can’t be any worse than the current situation – or, at least, no worse than Libya – and it’s a bit humorous to see the Turks pull a page from the US handbook for international intervention.


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has yet again done the indefensible and the United States are the only ones defending them, rogue nation that they are.

If you ask me, Turkey has the right idea: In response to the killing of two Turkish aid workers, Ankara has replied that “further supply vessels will be sent to Gaza, escorted by the Turkish Navy.”

Damn straight.

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