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Who Gives a Shit?

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The New York Times is perhaps giving this rehash of the same Weiner scandal more gravity than it’s worth, but then excoriating Democrats is perhaps the low-hanging fruit of political reporting: Having a tiny modicum of self-regard, Dems cave to truthful accusations like it actually mattered. I’m not saying Mark Sanford should be a role model, but for fuck’s sake: Mark Sanford is a role model in how it really does not matter if you simply don’t give a fuck.

In a city where bankers can sink the entire economy, take federal zero-interest bailouts, and still complain about the “mooching class,” where term limits can be sidestepped by the depth of one man’s pockets, where the world’s most expensive luxury condominiums are getting tax breaks, and where Donald Trump exists, do we really think that this sexting scandal is what’s bringing us down?

Not only is this perhaps the tamest sex scandal in the history of politics – for starters, there’s no actual sex – but when it comes to personal foibles, I think narcissism is more or less par for the course in politics – if not a job requirement. Do I think Weiner’s a predator? Hell, this scandal came out just now because the woman wanted a condo out of him and he didn’t oblige. If it was predation, it was mutual. That does make him an idiot, but that never stopped anybody from achieving office before.

It’s almost heartening, in a way, that we’ve flung open the closets and shaken out the skeletons and all we have are ridiculous online flirts. Maybe the Times should do an opinion piece on how the current guy in office is screwing us all, not just teasing to.

Weiner’s lack of balls

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Y’know what, Weiner? Fuck you.

I don’t give a shit about your personal foibles, and more importantly, neither did your Queens constituency. So fuck you for pulling a Spitzer and quitting when you should have been pulling a Clinton and doubling down.

Yeah, the Democrats have no spines and don’t like it when Republicans get to be all morally high and mighty – this week – but guess what? The Republicans do that anyway, and all the most aggressive Democrats now have been systematically culled from the system. Cuomo had to spend three years in pergatory, Spitzer’s now merely a commentator, and Obama himself is forced to speak ill of his own just for the sake of satiating politicians who want nothing more than his head on a stake.

Grow a pair, Weiner. Your constituency isn’t the Democratic party: It’s your Democratic voters.

A Change of Pace

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I dunno what’s worse: That I didn’t suspect SC Gov Sanford of having an affair, or that I kinda wish the story actually was that he just wandered off on some personal discovery trip.

Y’know, as a change of pace from the usual political scandal bullshit. Wandering around Appalachia or Argentina just to get away from his family – now that would at least imply a depth of character. This is just stupid.

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