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Sanford, You’re Off the Hook

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(6:42:22 PM) A) MJ and Farrah in one day ????
(6:43:05 PM) B) srsly
(6:43:37 PM) A) this is soooo insane 2 pop icons in one day
(6:44:09 PM) B) and not the right ones.
(6:44:36 PM) A) idk…its like if Marilyn Monroe and Elvis died in the same day back in the 60’s
(6:45:28 PM) B) Only if Elvis was a pederast.
(6:46:17 PM) A) pederast…pill popper…pill popper…pederast
(6:46:36 PM) B) pfft
(6:46:40 PM) B) what pop star isn’t a pill popper?
(6:47:20 PM) A) good point
(6:48:42 PM) B) MJ is practically guaranteed hall of fame status for most awkward eulogy ever
(6:49:10 PM) A) yea thats gonna be awkward…I’ll bet that funeral is gonna be screwy
(6:49:32 PM) B) and not in the “damn, lookit the catfight” like James Brown
(6:49:54 PM) A) yea or who the baby daddy like Anna Nicole’s
(6:50:07 PM) B) we’re so crass, it’s terrible.
(6:51:10 PM) C) Well I heard not too long ago that MJ recorded a ton of albums
(6:51:15 PM) C) to only be released after his death
(6:51:20 PM) C) so that he can basically live on forever
(6:51:38 PM) B) after Billy Jean, what else needs to be said?
(6:51:43 PM) B) or ever mentioned again, for that matter?
(6:52:42 PM) A) this is so crazy
(6:55:11 PM) A) like damn man…damn
(6:57:02 PM) B) and yet, this, for all its unexpectedness, feels so… inconvenient.
(6:57:50 PM) A) yea farrah fawcett I guess because it was so documented was expected Michael in the same day pushes it over the edge
(6:58:40 PM) B) where the only classy thing to do is ignore it. Sorta like how, you could invent a new revolutionary cancer treatment but if a poodle slips off a window ledge and kills you, that’s how you’re remembered.
(6:59:20 PM) A) oh werd
(6:59:32 PM) B) now it’s like, you mention Farrah Fawcett and somebody is guaranteed to mention Michael Jackson
(7:01:25 PM) A) thats so weird because farrah was the top story for half a day
(7:01:38 PM) B) you know who the winner in all this is?
(7:01:41 PM) B) mark sanford
(7:01:48 PM) A) People Magazine

Meanwhile, Tehran still burns…

A Change of Pace

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I dunno what’s worse: That I didn’t suspect SC Gov Sanford of having an affair, or that I kinda wish the story actually was that he just wandered off on some personal discovery trip.

Y’know, as a change of pace from the usual political scandal bullshit. Wandering around Appalachia or Argentina just to get away from his family – now that would at least imply a depth of character. This is just stupid.

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