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Wait, what?

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So… the Polish President Kaczynski – a Catholic conservative nationalist, son of Warsaw Uprising fighters, who’s been combative with Russia in the past and recently signed a deal with the United States for a missile shield – dies along with a hundred representatives of the Polish elite in a plane crash – all of them, in one 40-year old Russian airliner – while en route to Smolensk to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the Katyn Forest massacre – a Soviet zachistka during the Second World War where twenty thousand Polish officers and officials were killed – mere days after Putin – a former KGB officer – was the first Russian leader to acknowledge and join the commemoration.

Irony doesn’t cover it. This is more like an episode of Axis Powers Hetalia.

We’ve Been Down This Road Before

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Get us.

The fuck.

Outta Afghanistan.

After WWII, no war the US has run has ended in peace, let alone victory. Of course, WWII was the last war we unequivocally bombed civilian centers and practically salted what we didn’t glass.

Republicans love to mock Democrats and liberals for being squeamish and unrealistic about the costs of war; not being manly enough to conduct one. If so, why is it always Republicans that try to run wars under time and under budget?

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