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Political Hacks

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Turns out the hackwork Gerard Alexander wrote for the Washington Post was commissioned by the Post itself.

I seem to remember a time when the Washington Post was a somewhat more respectable periodical than the New York Post. Not so much now. There is one interesting claim, however, that Gerard Alexander made pertaining to Conservatives:

Alexander, for example, contends that “conservative magazines, elected officials, etc” don’t accuse coastal liberals of being out of touch with heartland values — and that if they did so, they’d be “run out of town.”

Oh, really?

El Pueblo

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Front page of the New York Post, the New York Daily News, and El Diario:

Michael Jackson!

Front page of the New York Times:

Declassified CIA Reports on Prisoner Torture

A more succinct supposition on the nature of the informed citizen doesn’t immediately come to mind.


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Look, I know the rightwingoverse isn’t terribly versed in taste or tact, but this is just bad:


official news sources are being notoriously slow (or painfully equivocational; I’m looking at you, New York Times) on reports on what the fuck is going on, but through a series of independent sources (including twitter), Iranians are pointing out that there are more deaths from militia forces on the streets, that five students from Tehran university were killed by pro-Ahmadinejad paramilitary goons during a major raid, and that 150 professors have summarily quit to protest such heinous acts.

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Macaca Cock-up

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After basically likening Obama to a chimpanzee (one shot by the cops, no less) in the NYPost, Murdoch was driven to “apologize” for his efforts by popular outrage. The apology itself consisted largely of such quotes as “I want to personally apologize to any reader who felt offended,” and “It was not meant to be racist, but unfortunately, it was interpreted by many as such.”

The rest was an allusion to some sort of discipline he enacted against the “editors” in the NYPost. I can’t speak to this issue because anything less than the total dismantling of his media empire is insufficient punishment in my eyes, but as a media mogul his choice of words cannot be considered anything but wholly intentional and specific to his message.

I say this because he said he apologized to those who “felt offended” by their “interpretation” of the racist cartoon. In other words, he was apologizing not for being offensive, but that people got offended. This is akin to a stick-up man, apprehended by the police, apologizing for getting caught.

To those who were offended, he apologizes. To everybody else, hey, it was still funny, right? Right?

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