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Truman, War Criminal

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Jon Stewart apologized for calling Truman a war criminal in a debate about the United States’ legacy towards torture and other heinous acts, but contemporary Air Force General Curtis LeMay is quoted at the time as having said,

“If we’d lost the war, we’d all have been prosecuted as war criminals.”

Said quote was repeated by Robert McNamara, who worked with LeMay and went on to become Secretary of Defense. So I think Stewart’s heated exclamation was still apt.

By the way, Curtis May? Your argument, “Hey, if you define waterboarding as torture, where do you stop? Sleep deprivation? Confinement? Let’s open all prisons!” surprised me. I didn’t think they let such stupid fucks spout such disingenuous, misleading bullshit on television, but then again, I don’t watch network news.

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