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We need a new WPA. Wasn’t that one of Obama’s basic promises?

Also, Critical Mass got what they always wanted: Attention. Serves ’em right.


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The thing about getting TV, internet and phone service all from the cable company is that, when they interrupt service or are doing repairs on your block, you’re literally cut off from the rest of the world. It’s like losing a limb. Damn you, Time Warner. I know you’re throttling my connection, too.

It’s at times like this that I would long for a somewhat more compact, more urban, more centrally organized system such that infrastructure is efficient and handled by agencies powerful enough to get what needs doing done. My throttled connection reminded me of Obama’s plan to upgrade infrastructure – among which is broadband access – to the exurbs and rural areas of this country, as a nod to the New Deal’s CCC and other initiatives in troubled times.

Problem is, we live in a democracy.* China will, of course, show us just how much a centralized power structure is so terribly far more efficient than a democratic machine in times when direct action is required. Not that there aren’t drawbacks to that system, but sometimes you just want the A train to run on the weekends, damnit.

*Just about the only salient point made in this entire article.

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