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The Damage Has Been Done

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Brooklyn prosecutors have found no criminal activity in the actions of the Brooklyn ACORN offices that were video-taped by James O’Keefe and his slutty girlfriend. “They edited the tape to meet their agenda,” say the police, exonerating the advocacy group.

Now all we need is for network TV news to blare that message nonstop across the nation for two months. I mean, fair’s fair, right? How fast do you think Fox News will pick up the story, eh?

In other news, Harold Ford wrote an op-ed in the Times as to why he’s no longer running for Senate. Of course, nowhere in it does he mention that he wouldn’t have a snowball’s chance in hell of winning.

I am thankful for…

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…my students, whose friend had been shot on the way to school, destroying any faith in the system they possibly had.
…my co-workers, for teaching me what happens to campus liberals when they enthusiastically take on the real world.
…my superiors, for driving me to drink more than I did in college by administrating punitively to mask a lack of pedagogical experience.
…my union, for accepting my dues without representing me when I needed them most.
…my employers, for laying me and six others off at the beginning of the school year.
…my representatives, for running on an education platform while cutting education funds, and winning.
…my health, so that I could stay alive through this without getting bitter.

Y’know, it’s almost as sad as how GM and Ford destroyed the American cityscape to be entirely car-oriented so they’d have a massive permanent market for automobiles and STILL MANAGED TO GO BANKRUPT YOU BASTARDS YOU RUINED EVERYTHING

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