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Picks for the Democratic Primary in NYC


I admit that amid the topsy-turvy coverage when it came to mayor and comptroller, I haven’t much paid attention to the elections that haven’t received as much coverage – such as Manhattan Borough President. Not that it was a hard choice: Gale Brewer has the only name recognition, but I’ve decided I’m going to vote for Robert Jackson over her. It’s really just saying “do you want an uptown guy vs a bunch of downtown guys,” as the choices are somebody from the Upper West Side, somebody from the Upper East Side, somebody from the Financial District, and somebody from Harlem. Harlem wins.

Mostly that’s me hoping for a focus on public schools and affordable housing, two issues that Robert Jackson has history on and all the reason to be focused in. I checked Brewer’s position and history on affordable housing, and while she’s done a lot for tenants’ rights, she hasn’t been terribly effective on the sort of major infill we need – which is kinda what I expected from an Upper West Sider: Great for people who are already there, not so great for their children.

Uptown I get to pick guys for Districts 10 for City Council and 72 for State Senate, and pretty much all the candidates are Dominican dudes who are for affordable housing and immigration rights, and aside from some family feud between Albania Lopez and Maria Morillo (which is more or less the continuation of a spat between Adriano Espaillat and Michael Ortiz), they’re so similar I can’t tell them apart. Espaillat, interestingly enough, nearly unseated Charlie Rangel a while back – and lost by less than a thousand votes – basically pitting Washington Heights against Harlem, so I kinda want him to succeed inĀ that field more than any other.

I still kinda wanna be contrarian and pick somebody other than Ydanis Rodriguez just because the UFT endorsed him, but the UFT’s getting snubbed with William Thompson anyway so it’s kind of a moot point. In fact, pretty much all of the major endorsements have done diddly-squat for their candidates. The New York Daily News and the Gothamist finally put position comparisons with all the mayoral candidates and funny enough I still like Anthony Weiner over most of the others – he’s an idea man with the balls to prove it, too bad about his big fucking mouth – but i’m voting Bill de Blasio because he makes the New York Times and Michael Bloomberg angry, which is never a bad thing, plus I don’t want a runoff with Christine Quinn. Aaaaanybody but Quinn.

Tomorrow we shall see!

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