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The NYTimes did a piece on CNBC’s suffusion of commentary with its news, centering on the ever-bombastic Jim Cramer. Two things came to mind:

1) The Daily Show said it better.

2) The NYTimes clearly got their cue from The Daily Show.

Making the article a paradox, considering its… suffusion of commentary. Not that Cramer shouldn’t be beaten to death with sticks, but this whole media thing needs to be sorted out, y’know?

Now This Is Meta

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There, but for the grace of god: A blog about a cartoon lampooning blogs on a news site whose business model revolves around blogging. This is what they must have meant about dittoheads.

Do I think the blogosphere (to speak of ancient memes) is squeezing out mainstream press for readers and ad dollars? Kinda. But the genre is not the same: Bloggers don’t soberly report the news. They comment on the news. It’s an infinite opinion piece. News and news analysis are two different things that, I believe, cannot be further apart. (Do ya hear me, MSNBC? Huh? Do ya?)

With that posit, bloggers may only be one third of what killed the newspaper model. Read the rest of this entry »

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