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God Dayamn.

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Even with the stimulus, Obama hasn’t managed to outspend Bush for the timeframe.

And I really ought to backdate these posts. This is getting ridiculous.

Da Hell?

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I’m beginning to doubt the veracity of MSNBC’s supposed liberal convictions. Just sayin’. I mean, here’s an article that posits the reasons behind high costs of American health care that doesn’t even mention HMOs.

New York Mag’s Gabriel Sherman must be given props for actually recording the whining of the rich with a straight face. The hypocrisy and sense of entitlement of these spoiled bastards is stunning, and so help me when the revolution comes…

The Gamer Demographic

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Says AIG, “We’ll give half back.”

“Okay,” says America, “we’ll only beat you half to death.”

Have these people no shame?

With that aside out of the way, I noted a weird confluence of gamer diatribes about race, what with Ben Croshaw’s social commentary on 50 Cent’s second computer game, and Shamus Young’s refutation that Resident Evil 5 has racial overtones. Both have sort of a hard-hitting tell-all motif that immediately become muddled by their tittering comments boards’ nervous glee at having landed a blow on overzealous political correctness.

Why nervous? Because they’re all one-upping each other about why X or Y is providing a good or bad model for Blacks or why A or B is or isn’t offensive to Blacks, but they’re not really getting any Black input. The online gamer demographic is largely white and middle class, and so the rather voluminous debates take on a vaguely scandalous tone, as if they’re getting away with something. In a sense, they are: They’re confirming their convictions through repeating one another. But that, still, muddles the topic at hand. Read the rest of this entry »

Kill the Pigs

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While Obama rails against AIG thanks to yet another scandal with bonuses and payoffs and Bernie Madoff goes to jail (or not) smiling after having a last dinner (and seriously, what restaurant in New York City would serve him?) complete with white wine and aperitifs, I’m thoroughly disgusted with not only the level of corruption, which was as pervasive as, say, late Ming dynasty eyebrow-singing ridiculousness, but in the completely unrepentant attitudes of its participants.

Not only have they destroyed so much in their efforts to make a quick buck or line their own pockets, but even when they’re publicly branded and brought under close scrutiny they still take a mile with every inch. They’re rotten to the core, and disastrous to the well-being of, well, everybody.

Again, the more bloodthirsty of me harkens back a couple years to former China FDA head Zheng Xaioyu’s public apology and summary execution for gross corruption as head of a regulatory agency. Here, even jail time is rare for white collar criminals (hell, Madoff is appealing (!) his jailing) so a part of me must admire the straight-forwardness of China’s handling of white collar crime that hurts real people.

Now, I admired Jim Cramer’s gracious eating of crow even in the face of admitting to short-selling and other devious, underhanded practices in the art of making a quick buck, even though I know that cathartic feeling of watching him simper was irrational, but he proved to be – in the end – a somewhat conscientious man who knew he did wrong. I don’t get that from Madoff or AIG. It’s not “I did wrong,” it’s “okay, you caught me.”

So help me, when the revolution comes…

How stupid do I think the Republicans are?

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<                                                                          This stupid.                                                                               >

The budget is a “job killer,” says Congressional Republicans, because it increases taxes. On the top 2%.

I could have sworn we went over that in the campaign, and I’m pretty sure we know how that turned out.

Meanwhile the NYCDoE is singing hallelujah that they might not have to lay off 1500 teachers after all – and might even have a capital budget for some nice overhauls. Who knows? After eight years of the darkness of the Bush regime, even a bare bulb is blinding in its luminance.


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How is it that Herr Gropenfuhrer is smarter than his compatriots?

He barely had speaking parts in his roles!

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