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Obama made a speech and the New York Times did an opinion piece about the difficulties the website had in dealing with the initial rush. “Millions,” said the Times, “have been frustrated,” and that this “threatens to undermine the exchanges.” “There’s no excuse for the problems,” Obama apologized. Yeah, okay. So?

Enough with the self-flagellating!

No predictive efforts, private or public, have ever been able to truly deal with the initial rush on a web service. Why? Because the initial rush can be orders of magnitude more pressure than estimated regular levels of access, or even the estimates about the initial rush. As it stands, when it comes to large technological projects, nobody gets it right: About 6.4% of such roll-outs succeed without issue.

But with the majority of technological projetcs, things eventually do calm down. Once people stop humping the servers, the service can actually proceed.

I’ve been spending time reading Robert Caro’s biography of Lyndon Johnson and his many interviews on such, and while he spent a great deal of time rightly singing Obama’s praises, I do kinda wish Obama had that sort of kick-ass damn-the-complainers-we-won attitude to this legislation. isn’t the Affordable Care Act, and even in its compromised state, the Affordable Care Act will soon be unassailable in the public eye. Two months down the line we’ll have forgotten the ugly birthing. After all, that’s how we got Social Security and Medicare. Knowing this, maybe we can pre-empt the next big issue, like how to stop the Republicans from sabotaging the federal government this January.

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