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But Seriously Now

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The Times put out a “report” that “rates” the iPad (which still sounds like an Apple Tampon) that distinguishes between “techs” and “normal people.”

I think by “normal people” you meant “luddites,” Mr. Pogue.

There was a time in the 90s when I was sure that computers and the internet would drive people to be more active and engaged in the flow of information – that TVs would become more like computers. Instead, it would appear more that computers have become more like TVs – no longer tools but mere consumer toys.

“But it’s not the same market!”

At $700 a pop, they sure as hell ARE the same market as laptops.

Of course, far more crazy is the fact that the apocalyptic christian militia caught last week planning to kill a cop and subsequently bomb his funeral plead Not Guilty in their hearing; their lawyer cited as saying, “This is going to be a free-speech case.”

Uh, no. “I hope he dies” is barely covered as free speech (and arguably not if you’re, say, propagating such speech as a public figure in retaliation for a congressman voting one way). “We’re going to kill him next Friday at 7” is most certainly not protected. But what gets me is that another Michigan militia helped turn them in. That’s right: Even crazy has standards.

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    on Apr 20th, 2010
    @ 2:31 pm

    […] But back to AppleCo, Manjoo on Slate is to Technology like Emily Bazelon on Slate is to Mothering: Lowest common denominator uninformed squeeing that makes me wonder why I’m not making money duping people who are equally as ignorant on those topics that I’m some form of journalistic guru. Case in point, who the fuck cares about what the new iPhone looks like, if it still sucks as a phone? What ever happened to utility? […]

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