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Tax-Dodging Survivalist Motherfuckers

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Or “terrorists,” for short.

Joseph Stack tried to set himself up as a church to avoid paying taxes, then when that ploy failed railed against the Catholic Church. He took a tax code revision that clarified whether IT workers were independent contractors or employees (and thus subject to payroll taxes) as a direct attack on another of his schemes. He got very incensed that his family was caught by the IRS and forced to pay back taxes. And he himself admits to a relatively light tax burden:

While very few working people would say they haven’t had their fair
share of taxes (as can I)

And so when he tried to burn the Austin IRS office down, instead of being reported as the textbook case of terrorism that he so clearly perpetrated, there’s a marked reticence in the mainstream media to call him such. I mean, he’s domestic! White! And Christian! Never mind the last white guy to try to blow up a government building…

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