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Obama called the Cambridge police “stupid” and, later, apologized for his words but, while he failed the cardinal rule of politics (never say what you think), I believe his first instinct was correct.

So clearly correct that the only real complaint on Obama’s statemanship – just as Krugman actually admitted in a recent column on the topic of health care – is not about his views as his politics. It’s politically unfortunate to made any bold statement, no matter how right it is.

Charles Blow sums up what the real issue is about, despite the equivocating from the pundits and the policemen associations closing ranks around their boys. Was it a case of racial profiling? I think the woman who called 911 is most guilty if there is such a claim. Was the encounter racially tinged? Duh. Did the policeman act professionally? Hell the fuck no.

Professional means doing your job, saying thank you and going home. Once you have answered the call and ascertained that, no, it is not a break-in, you turn and go home. The inability for a cop to admit error is what causes this to escalate. Gun justice is why the police are so universally reviled: They are goons. Nobody should be forced to tiptoe around the cop, least of all people who have been historically targeted by same.

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