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Foot In Mouth Disease

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To quote Erick Erickson, editor of

I dunno, Sotomayor. Considering white males engineered Western Civ, you’d think they’d have a handle on things to be able to make decisions

Man. The fact that white males engineered western civilization is proof enough that white males are not qualified to run anything alone, ever.

Things not to put on your resume:

“Engineered Western Civilization – see Fascism, Communism, Capitalism, Catholicism, the Crusades, mustard gas, the atomic bomb, concentration camps, Health Maintenance Organizations, carpet bombing, colonization, strip malls, compound interest, Agent Orange, cash crops, derivatives, wage slavery, mass propaganda, infotainment, Phrenology, neoconservatives, Prozac, corporations, the East India Company, Manifest Destiny, pyramid schemes, napalm, credit cards, Scientology, Feudalism, Totalitarianism, commodification, spam, Eugenics, Evangelism, pharmaceutical companies, News Corp, institutionalized racism, obesity epidemics, heroin, Banana Republics, consumerism, proxy wars, global war, reality television, insurance premiums, state terrorism, suburbia, Global Warming, sex tourism, McDonald’s, smog, corn syrup, car bombs, ethnic cleansing, soccer moms, the Working Class, the World Trade Organization, AIDS and late-nite infomercials.”

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One Response to “Foot In Mouth Disease”

  1. inoli
    on Jun 2nd, 2009
    @ 6:54 pm

    quite a list of idiocies, but you seem to have left out the one i detest the most, adverizing hucksters. who else has more brainwashed the current great unwashed to believe they can have a perfect existence like that depicted as come-ons for their products. who else feeds the maw of the greedy lenders who suck the marrow from the bones of the unaware. who else feeds the images conjured by the hollywood flim-flam artists.

    they are almost as bad as the big tobacco companies increasing the dosage of nicotine to insure a steadily increasing consumer base.


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