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A Nudge and a Wink

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After a series of particularly egregious field trips for seniors in my high school, the lead teacher of the forays into the real world was asked a question by students not wanting to be led back to the school for the sole purpose of being dismissed:

“Why we gotta go back? It’s quicker if I go home from here! Can’t you just dismiss us?”

The answer was we had a legal obligation to accompany them until we could dismiss them either at an appointed time (alas, too far away to continue dealing with these pills) or an appointed place (admittedly, also very far). However, we also had no real recourse were they to up and leave on their own. But as a responsible authority, the teacher gave the loaded answer,

“I can’t tell you to go home.”


As such, Barack Obama basically leaked out a hair-raising expose on how the Bush administration made it a policy to torture. Of course, as there is a tradition for a current administration not to criticize the policies of a previous administration, Obama cannot lead the charge to indict them.

That said, he’s not stopping anyone else who is willing.


*Of course, if the US public is anything like my students, they’ll keep pressing him to say the one thing he cannot while never taking any fucking initiative of their own.

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