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A Republican won the seat that Anthony Weiner got kicked out of. People are at a loss as to figure out why. I can think of two reasons:

  1. The Democrats are really, really getting good at pissing off their base. Here was a guy who people really liked and was a straight-shooter of the charismatic sort we need in high places. He did nothing illegal and, while his actions were technically unethical, they had nothing to do with his job. So what does the Democratic leadership do? They oust him under GOP pressure. So what’s a lowly Democratic voter to think? We harm ourselves just to save the GOP from doing so. Great way to rouse the base, DLC!
  2. His district, which the Times laughed at yesterday, is a gerrymandered little tract that basically includes the whitest homeowner districts in Brooklyn and Queens. No wonder it went to Republicans: It’s their favorite constituency. Weiner’s greatest political act – until we murdered his career – was to bring Archie Bunkerville in line with the rest of the city. Damnit, we made our bed, and now we have to lie in it.


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