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Summer School


Out of the 400 students in my school, 250 need summer school. Nobody in my school seems to be surprised by this fact. So, when in Rome, be as cynical as the Romans are.

Come to find out, however, the school’s summer session is ten days long. Ten. Days. Long. Not six weeks: Ten days. And each student can take up to three classes. An hour and a half each class, three classes a day, four days a week for two and a half weeks.

They get credit for three classes. Four months’ work condensed into ten days.

If that wasn’t insane enough, they’re not even showing up. Fully 150 students cut most of the first week. In this, the second week, an average of 75 students aren’t showing up. I’ve even spoken with one boy who cut school because they’d confiscate his cell phone if he entered the building and he “needed it for work.”

To add lethargy to laziness, the students that do show up mosey in up to half an hour late. We’re practically giving them free credits, and they’re not even accepting them. This is a New York City public high school; one of Bloomberg’s babies.

How? Just, how?

On a separate note, the principal today handed me nine boys for tutoring and instructed me, in front of them, not to correct her when she gave her spiel about my being a “middling student.” On top of that, she added that she was surprised that I did not ask her for assistance after the previous day’s tutoring session. In front of the students.

This is personal.


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