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Tech v Teach

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“I need you to block Youtube and Facebook from the lab computers.”

“They’re already blocked, by design. We use a DoE proxy to get to the internet. The kids are using CGI proxies – basically money-laundering for IPs – to circumvent it and there’s little I can do from my end to stop them because the computer itself can’t block what it doesn’t know is being accessed.”

“So block the CGI proxies.”

“They’re an endless cycle of temporary websites. That’s several full-time jobs’ worth of work, done by people who are paid more than me and work in a central office without yelling high schoolers.”

“Then what am I supposed to do to control the class?”

“Do what I did when I taught a tech class for half your pay: Walk around the room and look over the kids’ shoulders.”

“But I do that. They just turn it right back when I leave.”

“Then I have no advice for you. You’re the one with the Master’s in Education, and have therefore taken a course or two in classroom control.”

Actually, I do have a piece of advice for you: Teach them something they find interesting so they don’t retreat to Youtube and Facebook to get away from the class.

The basics of Adobe Illustrator is beneath them. I have these same kids, and they’re tearing apart and rebuilding whole computers. They’re bored to tears in your class and they’re taking out their frustrations on the equipment.

For one lab alone, I’ve had to replace five keyboards, eleven mice, three monitors and one motherboard over the course of two months. Kids have changed the default language for the OS, enabled the BIOS password, and many other mischievous deeds of idle hands. ENGAGE THEM MOTHERFUCKER.

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