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There’s been a bit of a furor over intimidation tactics against Prop 8 supporters during the federal district court battle to strike it down, to the point where conservative witnesses are dropping out of the case for the second time.

To that I ask: What intimidation?

Plenty of articles cite the fear, but the only article that cites what, specifically, is to be feared is the San Francisco Gate, which says that some businesses run by Prop 8 contributing supporters are being boycotted, and that some internet trolls found one of the conservatives’ websites and wrote some very angry comments.

If that’s the sort of intimidation that holds up democracy, call me a terrorist.

I don’t see bricks through windows, meeting family members in person, beatings, sabotage or even phone calls at home at 3am. In a country where Blacks were beaten and hung for attempting to vote, union rallies were met with fist fights, clubs and guns and abortion doctors and civil rights workers (and, for that matter, gay men) were actually found and murdered, the sort of “intimidation” these conservatives are facing, if any*, is incredibly mild.

I propose that these witnesses know exactly what they’re doing: They’re getting more leverage NOT testifying than they would if they DID testify. Fuck them.

*Historically, the side advocating tolerance is the one targeted for violence and intimidation, which makes these current claims doubly laughable.

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