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Makes You Wonder

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BR Interviewing (Phone surveyor) call from 609-279-0110:

  • How would you rate the job market? I’m laid off.
  • How would you rate the economy? I’m laid off.
  • Has your income increased or decreased from a year ago? I’m laid off.
  • Has your personal savings increased or decreased? I’m laid off.
  • Have you made any financial mistakes in the past five years? What the fuck question is that?
  • Are you planning to make any major purchases in the near future? I’m laid off.
  • Are you planning to undertake any construction projects? This is Manhattan. I rent.
  • What is your ethnicity? Huh?
  • What is your political affiliation? How does that change the economy?

Yeah. Surveys are total bullshit. Consider that every time Fox or whomever spouts “statistics.”

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