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We’ve Been Down This Road Before

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Get us.

The fuck.

Outta Afghanistan.

After WWII, no war the US has run has ended in peace, let alone victory. Of course, WWII was the last war we unequivocally bombed civilian centers and practically salted what we didn’t glass.

Republicans love to mock Democrats and liberals for being squeamish and unrealistic about the costs of war; not being manly enough to conduct one. If so, why is it always Republicans that try to run wars under time and under budget?

What the flux?

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Katie and Kristie Barry hold journalism degrees, make $800 weekly working only three days at a bar and live in a $2900 two-bedroom apartment in the west 70s, go to bars and Starbucks and vacation in Cancun.

This New York Times article is boohooing how they’re unemployed and disadvantaged. If that’s unemployed, sign me the fuck up.

Also, get off Obama’s nuts over whether he deserved the Nobel Peace Prize. Arafat won it. Kissinger won it. ‘Nuff said.

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