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On What Planet Do You Spend Most of Your Time?

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A protester calls a gay Jewish man a Nazi. Godwin’s Law having been invoked, the discussion ends and Barney Frank proceeds to lay the smackdown.

One perspective that might be rather more apt, however, now that we’re talking about Weimar Republics, is that of Walter Rathenau. He was a German Jewish industrialist who was given the job of cleaning up the mess after the Kaiser’s government bungled World War I. The German right wing promptly used Rathenau as a scapegoat for the state Germany was in, and blamed it on a Jewish conspiracy of which Rathenau was presumably the visible representative. As such, he was the target for vitriol of an order not too dissimilar to what Obama is getting from Fox and friends.

Rathenau was ultimately assassinated. And now, of course, folks are showing up at presidential appearances bearing assault rifles. Just sayin’.

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