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Love the Crow

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Cramer changed!

Now that’s some atonement.

The Gamer Demographic

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Says AIG, “We’ll give half back.”

“Okay,” says America, “we’ll only beat you half to death.”

Have these people no shame?

With that aside out of the way, I noted a weird confluence of gamer diatribes about race, what with Ben Croshaw’s social commentary on 50 Cent’s second computer game, and Shamus Young’s refutation that Resident Evil 5 has racial overtones. Both have sort of a hard-hitting tell-all motif that immediately become muddled by their tittering comments boards’ nervous glee at having landed a blow on overzealous political correctness.

Why nervous? Because they’re all one-upping each other about why X or Y is providing a good or bad model for Blacks or why A or B is or isn’t offensive to Blacks, but they’re not really getting any Black input. The online gamer demographic is largely white and middle class, and so the rather voluminous debates take on a vaguely scandalous tone, as if they’re getting away with something. In a sense, they are: They’re confirming their convictions through repeating one another. But that, still, muddles the topic at hand. Read the rest of this entry »

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