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Yeah, But Can It Prop Up a Desk?

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This, quite honestly.

Now, most of my job is in handling technology – some would assume that such is thus my lifestyle – but I have never been swayed by any glowing box smaller than a laptop and less functional than the computer I’m typing from now. I hate cell phones, let alone the gadget conglomerations packaged as cell phones called iPhones or Sidekicks (Has no marketer ever heard of feature creep? Seriously, nobody uses 90% of your “apps”) but nothing takes the cake like the Kindle.

Way back in 2002 when I was suffering the frozen hellhole of Cornell (in the words of Jon Stewart, no less) I took a course in English that had the word “technology” in its title on the course catalog. I thought to myself, “Hey, here’s a forward-thinking professor wanting to rap to us about Web 2.0, blogging and the general state of New Media in creative writing” as, after all, it was one of those “not your run-of-the-mill English classes.” Read the rest of this entry »

Meta Meta

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The NYTimes did a piece on CNBC’s suffusion of commentary with its news, centering on the ever-bombastic Jim Cramer. Two things came to mind:

1) The Daily Show said it better.

2) The NYTimes clearly got their cue from The Daily Show.

Making the article a paradox, considering its… suffusion of commentary. Not that Cramer shouldn’t be beaten to death with sticks, but this whole media thing needs to be sorted out, y’know?

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